Welcome To Plus Us Too!

Plus Us Too is a new mental health awareness organisation, founded in January 2015 by our video presenter, mental health sufferer and activist, Dan Simpson

After receiving some YouTube awareness, Plus Us Too now consist of the original YouTube Channel, where previous episodes and video updates are availible, along with our Facebook page, and the Plus Us Too website. Our aim at Plus Us Too is to be as interactive with our audience as possible so we can help stop stigma, and encourage people to seek help if they need it

We encourage people to ask questions and share their comments and experiences with the rest of the Plus Us Too family so we can eliminate misconceptions and reduce mental health stigma together.

Since starting Plus Us Too, we have made a strong link with the mental health charity, SANE. We are very proud to be associated with them and we also highly support their Black Dog Campaign to help stop suicide and encourage people to seek help.

Please follow Plus Us Too for video updates, writing and articles, and remember to share with others, so together we can achieve our goals!

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